As you can see in the picture ( right),  we are
fortunate to have our studio located in one
of the premier Arts and Crafts center in the
United States.

TAMARACK, has a 60,000 sq.ft. Retail
space, a Food Court (managed by
Greenbrier a 5 star resort), a 3,000 sq.ft
Conference Center,  a 300 seat Theater and
a Fine Art Gallery.

Tamarack was created by the State of WV,
Turnpike Authority as an Economic
Development Program to promote and
develop the cottage industry  in West

Opening in May of 1996 and now has over
2000 WV artisans juried into the system.  
There are  5 studios: textile,
pottery,glass,metal and wood.   We also  
have other artisans demonstrating on the
week ends.

Tamarack has a large selection of items
ranging in price from $.05 Marbles from
Marble King to $19,000.00 glass  & bronze
tables by
Burl Jones
We  moved to WV in 1990 from Denver Co., leaving
behind careers in Architecture &  Printing to find a more
relaxed lifestyle. After several years of raising cattle on
the farm we started making small wooden Folk Art
Items for our farm house.  Friends and neighbors
wanted everything we made.  Someone suggested we
sell our items at a local craft fair and as they say the rest
is history.

One year while spending the winter in Florida, working
on our Folk Art  we stumbled   upon the Bowed Psaltery.
"I could play this and I loved it from the first moment I
played it".  While traveling full time doing  Craft
Festivals and playing music in the evenings at
campgrounds we recognized the interest in the Bowed
Psaltery and started building them shortly thereafter.

A few years later while spending another winter in
Florida we   participated   in  a Music Festival where we
were introduced to the  Mt. Dulcimer, which Tish found
much easier on the hands to play than the guitar and
many of our existing customers wanted us to make
dulcimers for them.

Through the years we have enjoyed collecting antique
instruments and the challenge of reproducing them.

In July of 2001 Tamarack invited us to become their full
time resident wood workers.  We thought long and hard
about giving up the traveling but we realized that having
a studio at Tamarack would still allow us to introduce
our instruments to many people.

As we said before if you find yourself in Southern West
Virginia please stop by our studio so we can take a break.


Greg and Tish Westman  
Our Home Town
Beckley WV