Session 1
1:00 to 2:00

    Tired of dragging bags and carts of paper around with you at music

    Frustrated by stacks and binders filled with paper sheet music and tablature? Own an android Tablet
    or Smart Phone?  This class could be for you.   In this class we will discuss the basic concepts of
    copying and storing your sheet music electronically (Windows PC, Android tablets). We will also learn
    basic use of an app called Mobile Sheets Pro.  Using this app you will learn various ways to import
    music to your device, title and label the music for ease in locating it, quickly find and display your
    music to play from.   Mobile Sheets Pro will make ALL your tablature and sheet music available to you
    ANYWHERE with only a couple swipes of your finger. You can also get to your chord charts, cheat
    sheets and lyric sheets just as easily. Please note that I have no affiliation with Mobile Sheets but have
    been using it since 2012.   Though this class will be specific to and demonstrate using android based
    tablets the concepts could be useful to iOS users. There are apps of this nature available for iOS as well
    but we will not cover those.   Requirements: Curious observers are welcome but to get the most of this
    class you should have a windows pc/laptop or an android tablet and be comfortable with basic
    use of your tablet including turning it on and connecting with the Internet as well as finding and
    maneuvering between applications. You should also have purchased and downloaded Mobile Sheets
    Pro ($14.99) from either the Google Play Store or Mobile Sheets Website.
Session 4
2:45 to 3:45
     "This is the same class on Friday as Saturday"
Donna Malus

    Originally from Chicago, Donna Malus is now retired and happily living in a small
    cabin on 11 acres in S.E. Ohio. Her love for folk, traditional and classical music
    began in her elementary school years and continued through her adult life;
    she has dabbled in playing a variety of musical instruments since then as well.   In
    spring of 2009 Donna discovered the bowed psaltery and has been playing it ever
    since. In fall of 2009, motivated by her desire to promote the bowed psaltery,
    Donna created “Psaltery Strings” a website dedicated to the bowed psaltery and
    continues to host the site to date. In 2012 Donna published a book of traditional
    music for bowed psaltery and other melody instruments. Donna taught beginning
    bowed psaltery classes for several years at the annual Gebhard Woods Dulcimer
    and Traditional Music Festival in Morris, Illinois.  Donna’s passions beyond music
    are graphic art, computer technology, audio/video technology, fiber arts,
    beekeeping and animals of every kind.
Terry & Sharon